To all those boxing fans out there that bash MMA calling it a joke or the fighters cowards because they don't keep the fight standing, I was just wondering if you knew that boxing is apart of MMA?  Believe it or not it is and you're starting to notice it more with all the boxers making the transition to MMA. I've never been able to understand ones hatred towards MMA, its a real fight, just like if you were to get into a street fight, kicks, punches and the ground make up a fight. These fighters display tremendous athleticism in all aspects of a fight as to where a boxer only keeps it standing. Boxing fans also claim MMA isn't a popular sport because its not an Olympic sport, but I hate to break it to you, it is. It may not be called MMA, but its being competed in all aspects during the Olympics. Greco and freestyle wrestling, judo, and boxing just to name a few are all martial arts. 


  The biggest argument from a boxing fan would be MMA fighters are cowards, nerds and so on that got picked on their hole lives that really can't fight. They have these fake fighting styles they trained as kids and think they are successful fighting styles. In some cases sure, some MMA fighters do look like nerds, but should they not be taken seriously? Just as Royce Gracie, nobody expected him to win UFC 1 but he did, he went on to win the next 2! Gracie helped show the world technique could conquer strength . Gracie was the smallest fighter in those tournaments, he took on boxers, wrestlers and freestyle fighters, none of which could match Gracie's BJJ.  Most boxing fans would never have guessed Gracie would take out heavyweight fighter Art Jimmerson but Gracie made it look easy taking Jimmerson to the ground in seconds and subbing him in minutes.  Pro boxers haven't had the greatest amount of success in the cage, two notable fighters would be Ray Mercer and KJ Noons, both losing their debuts. Ray Mercer being submitted and KJ Noon surprisingly being KO'd in a standup fight, imo. further more showing the development of MMA fighters. 


A question I've been asked quite frequently is who was the last MMA gold medalist. Its a question that can't be answered just yet, but in a couple years "MMA" will be accepted as a Olympic sport. At the moment the name MMA ins't implied to the name of the events but it makes up quite a few events. For those who didn't know boxing, wrestling, and all sports alike are MMA, regardless if you want to believe it or not. Believe it or not MMA was one of the first Olympic events held, Pankration was one of 3 Olympic events held during the first couple of Olympics. Pankration was a one on one no bared fight, that would start on the feet but generally end in one man submitting the other with a choke or arm hold. Not sure about you but that sounds like MMA to me. 


I don't want anyone to take this as me bashing boxing because I do love the sport and realize that it did pave the way for other combat sports, but (imo.) boxing fans need to give MMA to credit it deserves and realize the sport is taking over. Boxing to me is like having a basketball game without any slam dunks just simply shooting, where as MMA has it all!