Quickly I toss out my predictions that I was unable to type out due to family issues (non serious). I thought Gegard's judo would make him much tougher for King Mo to take down. Could I have been any far off? Also I expected Hendo's striking and take down defense to be way too much for Shields, after that fight you wouldn't have expected Hendo to be the Olympic alternate. The one fight prediction I was able to make was Gilbert taking home the win.  I thought he would have finished but I'm still happy not going 0-3. 


What seemed to be a star studded lineup turned sour come the end of the night, with a huge black eye to the sport of MMA. What seemed to be you routine post fight interview turned into a street fight when Mayhem Miller decided to come into the cage asking when he'd get his rematch. That's when hell broke out, Shields corner men didn't take to well to that starting to shove Miller which then turned into a brawl which saw 6-7 pro fighter jump Miller in what was supposed to be nothing more then some hype to a rematch. At the most it should have turned into a verbal warfare rather then something you'd search on youtube. 

Now to the fights where the real action took place. I told everyone prior to this fight regardless of the outcome if you didn't know who King Mo was you would after this fight and I couldn't have been anymore correct. Truthfully I didn't think Mo had the proper game plan to come in and beat Gegard but that's exactly what he did. He kept Gegard guessing all night constantly putting him on his back working his ground and pound for the majority of the fights. Gegard had his moments with the standup but it would be not nearly enough for him to retain the gold.  I don't think Gegard expected this from Mo, at times even the announcers felt he was playing possum ( as did I) but guess not, Gegard just failed to get it going all night, not looking like himself at all. Did Gegard over look King Mo? Time will only tell, as a rematch might not be too far behind the corner whith Gegard signing a 4 fight contract with SF prior to the event. 


As expected Gilbert was just too big and strong for Aoki taking him the UD in not the most entertaining fight of the year. The majority of the fight saw Gilbert chasing down Aoki trying to work his ground and pound. At one point in the fight Gilbert thought he had ended the fight, but rather was a mistake of the ref. He tried to stand the fight up when he shouldn't have just as Gilbert through a bomb that stunned Aoki which he followed up with a couple more shots. Mario stopped Gilbert standing him back up to restart the fight, but Gilbert jumped up as he had won the fight and rightfully so. HORRIBLE job by Mario there, theres no reason for him to have stopped the fight to stand them up. Not only that though, but he blamed Gilbert telling him not to do that again! ARE YOU KIDDING? He was in the middle of working his ground and pound landing what appeared to be a fight ending blow. Regardless it had no impact on the fight as Melendez went on to win the UD.


I'm not going to say much about the Henderson fight other then I was very bitter about this fight. The first round went as expected, Hendo dropping Jake on several occasion but was unable to finish. The next 4 rounds went as most Shields fights go with Jake laying on his opponent for the entire fight. Having surprisingly mounted Hendo for a large majority of the fight he was unable to finish, heck he was hardly able to mark Hendo up. Some say it was an amazing show of grappling for Jake but I saw nothing more then fear. If you mount a fighter for 4 rounds you finish him, not just pepper him with some punches. After all was said and done it was Hendo who looked the cleaner of the fighters. I was quite sad being a die-hard Hendo fan, looks like his best stuff is behind him, he just didn't look like Hendo of old. Normally Hendo would have finished Jake off when dropping him with those huge bombs, I really hope to see him bounce back. 


I pray that that altercation at the end of the fight doesn't affect mma from entering other states/provinces, as it truly was a black eye on the sport of mma.