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"Unfortunately the after fight skirmish shifted the focus away from what was probably Jake and Gil's biggest wins and that was very disappointing. We're a very tight team and in all the years we've hung out together there has never been a team street fight or anything like that associated with us. After reviewing the tape I think I saw a lot of blame on all sides. I have spoken to my guys and with Strikeforce to make sure this never happens again. There were people in there that had come to support our team that really should never have been in there as well. Those people that participated have been banned from future events. I'll be honest and tell you I think there has been somewhat of a double standard when it comes to MMA. I frequently attend hockey games and if a fight breaks out it's routine and the fans have come to expect it. Fights happen in every sport and it's really not a big deal but if a fight breaks out at a fight between fighters it seems like some people want to act like it's the end of the world and pretend they are outraged. That night in Nashville was emotionally charged and I wish cooler heads would had prevailed. I think it would be better if we fight in a professional manner and not in free for alls. For the disruption it has caused we are sorry and would like to extend an apology."


Cesar Gracie does bring up a good point that there is huge fights in other sports that do break out and nobody makes a big deal about it. Hockey for instance now in the playoff's have at least 1 a game that results in nothing less then a couple players being penalized for 2-5 minutes. 

At the same time these are pro fighters who can hurt a person far more then your average person so there's a much more serious chance of a fatal injury. 

Many people also felt that it was a stunt thought up by the promotion, but does one honestly feel a promotion such as large as Strikeforce would jeopardize the sport of MMA being broad casted on basic cable? This apology pretty much puts an end to that theory.