Former #1 Heavyweight contender Gabriel Gonzaga took some time out of his schedule to sit down with LBEMMA. Gabriel is well known for his huge head kick over the king of head kicks Mirko Cro Cop. LBEMMA asked Gabriel the following questions.

You stated on twitter you would only do BJJ from now on, does this mean fight fans will never see Gabriel Gonzaga in the octagon again?

Maybe, let's see...but if the opportunity is right and I fell comfortable I could be be back.

What is your feeling on fighters in the UFC using wrestling alone to secure a decision win?

This is a game and you have to play well to remain in the game. Wrestling is a big part of MMA and if they are using it to win fights it is all good but they also need to keep improving in all aspects of MMA to make a exited fights thats all.

Chael Sonnen made some pretty rude comments about Brazil, and fellow Brazilian fighter Wanderlei Silva told Sonnen he needed to respect Brazil... How do you feel about Sonnen's comments about Brazil, and BJJ?

I don't know about any comments but here anyone can say whatever they want it's a freedom of speech. Anyway, I don't think anyone should talk bad about Brazil it is a gorgeous country!

What are your thoughts on steroid use in MMA?

I am against any kind of illegal substance, it is not fair with your opponent but even more you are using something that can cause a big health problem. Also,we are examples for this new generation of fighters and we can not grow it on our sport. Some athletic commissions are on top of it and we have to go deep and deep all the time to try avoid it.

If you could chose anyone in the world to fight or have a BJJ match against, who would it be?


If Anderson Silva were to face off against GSP, who do you think would win that fight?

It is something hard to predict because they are two phenomenal fighters and it could go either way. The winner would be the fans that would have the chance to see one of the best fights ever.

Jon Jones is a rising star in the light heavyweight division, do you see anyone in that division posing any challenges for him?

Jon Jones is a great fighter and still very young he will only get better but the light heavyweight division is changing the champion all the time nobody can keep the title for long time so I believe he will have a enough of challenge out there. All the last champions impose a big challenge for him.

Who is your favorite fighter, and also who do you believe to be the best fighter in the world of MMA today?

My favorite fighter is Wander Braga. I believe the best is every single one that goes there and fight and at the end bring a show for us

Cain Velasquez easily defeated heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 121. Did you think that match was going to end up being such a one sided fight in Cains favor?

I knew it would be a good fight and a fight like that always can go to either way. I thought Brock's weight would make a difference but Cain's speed was too much for Brock.

Who is your pic for the Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos title fight?

I think both are great fighters and it is hard to make a prediction but definetely it will be a fight that the fans will be happy to see.

What is one thing the fans don't know about you that they should?

I am funny and happy guy but I believe they already know about that.

Is it difficult to balance being a father as well as a professional fighter for the UFC? And does is play a role in your mind set before going into a fight?

Yes it is hard but like any other job you have to conciliate it with your families obligations. It never affected me going to a fight. The hard is spend time in the training camp and stay away from them.

Was Dana White wrong for letting you go, or were you at that point in your career were you ready to move on?

I started to fight in UFC in 2005 and it was great. Dana, Joe and everyone always took care of me I can't complaint. I believe they could wait one more fight but I believe they did not like my last performance ans it count a lot so I can understand their decision.

Whats in store for team Link?

Since we started in 2005 our team is doing really well. We consolidate our team as one of the best grappling school in the country. We also won for the 8th time straight the Overall Best Team at Naga New England Championship. Just to give you an example I had a guy starting BJJ with me 8 months ago with his teenage son, he is on his 40's and they took first place in the last competition, it is awesome!
We also have guys fighting MMA and doing really well. A world class fighter and world champion just had join our team.
For more info about us please visit or

Is this the last we have seen of Gabriel Gonzaga in the MMA world?




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