Hi Nick,         So starting off, how have things been lately, how is the knee doing?       Things have been going really good. I got surgery on my knee after I left the house and I spent the next 6 months doing physiotherapy and being a fat blob. I am happy to say that I am back to martial arts training again though. How was your experience living in the house on The Ultimate Fighter? Living in that house was a good even though it was unusual. That was the strangest living situation I think I have ever been in. No cell phones, no internet, no music, no television, and no books... You are cut-off from all of your the regular people in your life and stuck only interacting with fighter dudes. It was the first time in my life that I was genuinely a prisoner. Do you think that by being there it improved your skills considerably? I don't think that 6-weeks of training is adequate to significantly change your whole game but I did learn some good stuff while I was there. Did being Tito's first pick make you want to train that much harder than everyone else in the house? I totally did... While I was there I had made it my mission to gain as much as I could from the coaches and train as hard as I could. It was fun How devastating was it to you that you weren't able to continue due to your injury? For me to have to pull out over the knee injury was very hard. It was frustrating for me to watch my opportunity go down the drain. I felt like I had a legitimate chance of winning and suddenly it was over. Can we expect to see you back in the UFC? I don't know yet but I for now I am just happy to be back to training again after months of boring rehab... I love to do martial arts and I am thankful that I am back into it - I will start working on fights as soon as I can. Thanks for your time Nick, on behalf of Let's Bang Em MMA I would like to thank you for your time. Is there anything you would like to add that I left out? Not really, I think that is about all you are going to get from me right now... Until next time hommie. Nick Adam Buck Clark @ Lets Bang Em MMAAlso find my Articles @The MMA TruthFight Night MMASpawl N Brawl MMAFanvsFanOnePunchWonderFollow Lets Bang Em Mma: Debates and Discussions on Facebook