Gray Maynard has made it clear that he wants the next title shot. Seconds after watching Frankie have his hand raised he text messaged Joe Silva letting him know that he want Frankie! 


"I texted Joe Silva and told him I want the [title] fight. I will fight whoever they want me to, but they know I want to fight for the belt. They announced Edgar as the guy like a day after my fight with Diaz, so it’s not like I had a lot of time to say anything. Sure, I talked to Dana [White] after the Diaz fight and he knows I want to fight for the belt -- that’s what everyone wants to do -- but I trust them and hopefully now I will get a shot at my dream. You have to bully him. He is fast and you can’t let him move around like he did against Penn. You have to hit him with some punches, then get your hands on him and push him up against the cage and make him fight your fight."


With Gray already holding a win over Frankie will the UFC give him another shot, or will BJ be given an instant rematch after running through the Lightweight division prior to his dethroning at the hands of Edgar. It would be interesting to see who gets the next shot, many people also feel that Ken flo's still in line for the next shot. Who knows maybe we'll get to see another 4 man tournament for the gold.