CBS' Strikeforce MMA Fighters Open Media Workout

Quote from Gegard..(mma fighting)


[King Mo's] good. He's experienced -- not as experienced as a fighter as I am, but experienced with wrestling. He's the opponent I've been asking for, he's a dangerous opponent and it's a good fight ... I'm the champion and he's the challenger, but I think his wrestling experience is big: He's been competing for a long time. I'm not taking him lightly. I'm more experienced in MMA but I'm not thinking that I'm a better fighter than him. I'm very happy with Strikeforce. I enjoy being part of the team. I may sign with the UFC after Strikeforce but there's really no reason for me to go. I've been treated very well, both in Strikeforce and in Dream, and I'm very happy where I am ... Would I fight good fighters in UFC? Yes, that would be a good challenge, but I'm not going to say I want to fight [those guys] because that's not a possibility. They're in a different organization. I'm really not thinking about fighting them. I'm only thinking about fighting King Mo ... I was champion in Dream at middleweight, I'm champion in Strikeforce at light heavyweight, and my final goal is to be heavyweight champion of the world.


Gegard has his priorities set, he wants to be champion at pretty much any weight class he can fight in.  Starting off at middleweight he was champion in Dream and then also capturing gold under the strikeforce banner at 205. He stated prior to his move to light heavyweight it wasn't a choice rather his body continuing to grow forcing him to fight at 205. Since Mousasi has had great success at both weight classes, one wouldn't think to question him. Again this could just be another case of him continuing to grow and having fight at heavyweight. Gegard has a friend and training parter who fights at heavyweight, you might know of him, Fedor? Wouldn't that be a great fight. Many have compared Mousasi with his great composer in the ring. With all of Gegard's success at middle and light heavy weight will he succeed at heavyweight eventually leading to a showdown with The Last Emperor? One can only hope so!