10. Bjorn Rebney, CEO of Bellator is an MMA genius. He helped bring Bellator Fighting Championship from nothing to one of the leading MMA organization. Bellator is Latin for "Warrior" and Rebney has helped bring the Hispanic community into the word showcasing some of the finest Hispanic MMA fighters. He'll continue to help the organization grow bringing in bigger names and expanding to PPV.

9. Tournament style format. Helps bring back memories of the Pride Grand Prix for those old school MMA fans. By using this format is guarantees that the best fighters will fight each other to claim a true champion. Fighters will also be forced to fight their best and win to get paid better. This helps those no name fighters come out get the pay they want all while letting the world know who they are. 

8.Knockout off the year candidate within their first tournament. Yahir Reyes pulled off a come from behind knockout. He was being handled quite well by his opponent constantly out struck when out of nowhere he pulled out an amazing crazy spinning back fist that would instantly KOing  his opponent. A knockout that will be shown for years to come. 

7. Hector Lombard. The winner of the welterweight division tore through competition during the first season. He has an impressive 24-2-1 record which he hopes to improve on when he'll take on former WEC champion Paulho Filo, where he'll put on his 18 fight unbeaten streak.

6.Roger Huerta, former UFC standout was recently signed by Bellator and will look to make an impact instantly. Fans are expecting Roger to tear through competition but he'll have his hands full while doing so. 

5.Submission of the year candidate, maybe even submission ever! Toby Imada pulled off one of the slickest inverted triangles you'll ever see. So slick I'll be posting of it very, very soon. I suggest you check it out! PLEASE watch it! 

4. Eddie Alvarez one of the last men remaining at 155 people think will challenge BJ Penn and rightfully so. Eddie has torn through competition capturing the 155 Bellator crown. He'll be in for a war taking on UFC veteran Josh Neer later this year.

3. Events every other week! Holding a tournament style format they have quite the amount of fighters competing in the tournaments they hold events within  weeks of one another to keep the tournaments moving giving fighters roughly the same amount of rest.

2. None stop action. With it not being the UFC fighters aren't always as well known by the general pubic so they're always pushing themselves to the limits wanting to be known or noticed by the UFC. Its never a doll moment with Bellator Fighting.

1. ITS FREE! NBC, Fox Sports Net and The Score all show Bellator for free! Who doesn't love free fights? 50 bucks a ppv starts to dent the pocket so being able to enjoy free fights is also a plus, especially ones as good as Bellator fighting.